Cloud Service Navigation. Simplified.

We heard you like clouds. We do too. Let's get to them faster.


Access all AWS services with one simple click. Instantly navigate to one of AWS’s services, service status page, or to documentation via a single UI.


Find AWS services by tag or relevant search field. Want to view all EC2 instances with certain tags? We’ve got you covered.


Access AWS documentation, SDK API manuals, and other useful resources such as Terraform for AWS and Google Cloud, and Ansible

  Adding Value to Your Cloud Services

The average cloud developer/engineer’s hourly rate can be north of $100/hr. Even as an experienced engineer, it’s easy to spend several hours per month navigating the AWS console and other various cloud services, or searching for documentation resources to find what you’re looking for.

After just ten minutes of an engineer’s time saved, your business has already reached return on investment on the ClouductivityNavigator Chrome Extension!

Having been in the Cloud DevOps space at multiple software companies, we have seen the amount of time it takes for new engineers to learn the layout of the AWS Console, and where to find documentation for new or existing tools. Let’s get your new Cloud Developers, Architects, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, and other technical resources more efficient in AWS.


Reduce the time technical resources spend learning the layout of the AWS console by making them reach a state of productivity, faster.


When a production service is impaired, every second matters. Quickly investigate and mitigate the root cause of urgent issues in AWS by leveraging Clouductivity Navigator within your teams.


Enable your engineers that are new to Amazon Web Services or Hashicorp’s Terraform to quickly snap to important documents that assist in implementing best-practices in your business’s cloud infrastructure.


Minimize the number of clicks your team(s) spend drilling in from service to subservice to resources, in order to keep everyone in a state of flow.


Enable engineers to build Infrastructure-as-Code using Hashicorp’s Terraform product by providing quick access to resource/datasources.


Meet and exceed SLAs by responding to and resolving issues faster.


Low annual pricing on our Chrome extension allows you to reach ROI within just an hour or two of use.


Volume licensing will be available for enterprise customers shortly; please contact us for further details.

Cloud Services - Clouductivity Main Panel

Main Panel

An overview of Clouductivity’s main panel. This view shows how you’ll be able to use CN to stay efficient: browse by cloud service, sift through documentation or navigate by service filter.

Cloud Services - Clouductivity Services

Cloud Service Navigation

Search for AWS Services by quickly typing. Autocomplete functionality helps you find what you’re looking for, instantly. Select a region and go!

Cloud Services - Clouductivity Documentation

Documentation Navigation

Navigate to useful documentation and SDKs for most languages. Supports Terraform resources and data sources for AWS and Google Cloud.

Cloud Services - Clouductivity Service Filter

Service-Level Filtering

Compose your search in AWS using specific service filters and/or tags directly in Clouductivity Navigator

Cloud Services - Clouductivity Service Filter Tags

Resource-Level FilteringUsing Tags

An example of EC2 Instance Filtering using tags and a wildcard search. You may supply a filter value and/or tags to navigate to your resources in the AWS Console.

Cloud Services - Clouductivity Settings

Settings Customization

Select the AWS region you’d like Clouductivity to search within by default. You can override this on a per-search basis.

Configure a custom GitHub url for repo/pull request navigation.

Disable any types of documentation searches for Terraform or Ansible resources that aren’t relevant to your needs. All are enabled by default.


Video Tutorials

Learn how Clouductivity helps you find the resources you need, faster.

Find documentation easier than ever. We take you where Google can’t.

Clouductivity Navigator allows you to access documentation for AWS SDKs, Hashicorp Terraform (for AWS and GCP), Ansible and other miscellaneous AWS resources with no clicks necessary.

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