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Clouductivity - DevOps Interview Questions

DevOps Interview Questions

I work at a staffing agency. Day in and day out, I get to hear our recruiters prep candidates as best as they can for their upcoming interviews – as any good recruiter should. However, there’s only so much a recruiter can do. A lot of the prep work falls on you, the candidate. However,…
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Clouductivity - 5 DevOps Tools We Love

5 DevOps Tools We Love

Getting into DevOps is like any other career, in the sense that it is a life-altering decision – and, with this career path specifically, can be especially daunting. The world of DevOps is constantly evolving, and so are the tools that come with it. This article is meant to be a high-level piece on DevOps…
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Clouductivity - Tips for Getting AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certified

Tips for Getting AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certified

Not too long ago, I was searching for information on the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification exam. I was trying to find out how I might best prepare myself for the exam. Of course, there were plenty of paid courses out there and some of the content through Pluralsight was useful, but I quickly realized…
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Clouductivity - Scaling Postgres in AWS and Google Cloud

Scaling Postgres in AWS and Google Cloud

So you’ve launched a new application in production, and your applications are performing snappily as you might expect. The cloud is infinitely scalable, right? A few months or a year down the road, you start noticing seemingly random slowdowns for Postgres queries that normally execute quickly. CPU and memory utilization look fine, so you start…
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Clouductivity - DevOps Hiring - What You Need To Know

Hiring DevOps Engineers: What You Need To Know

It’s Not Easy Doing Everything There’s an oft-circulated image in the technology sector – a company looking for a Swift programmer with 8 years of experience, while the language had only been out for 3. It’s a sad, sad testament to the corporate spectrum of talent: insane requirements that simply, and legitimately, cannot be met. DevOps…
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