Cloud Service Navigation. Simplified.

Clouductivity’s Value

The average cloud developer/engineer’s hourly rate can be north of $100/hr. Even as an experienced engineer, it’s easy to spend several hours per month navigating the AWS console or searching for documentation resources to find what you’re looking for.

After just ten minutes of an engineer’s time saved, your business has already reached return on investment on the Clouductivity Navigator Chrome Extension!

Having been in the Cloud DevOps space at multiple software companies, we have seen the amount of time it takes for new engineers to learn the layout of the AWS console, and where to find documentation for new or existing tools. Let’s get your new Cloud Developers, Architects, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, and other technical resources more efficient in AWS.


Reduce the time technical resources spend learning the layout of the AWS console by making them reach a state of productivity, faster.


When a production service is impaired, every second matters. Quickly investigate and mitigate the root cause of urgent issues in AWS by leveraging Clouductivity Navigator within your teams.


Enable your engineers that are new to Amazon Web Services or Hashicorp’s Terraform to quickly snap to important documents that assist in implementing best-practices in your business’s cloud infrastructure.


Minimize the number of clicks your team(s) spend drilling in from service to subservice to resources, in order to keep everyone in a state of flow.


Enable engineers to build Infrastructure-as-Code using Hashicorp’s Terraform product by providing quick access to resource/datasources.


Meet and exceed SLAs by responding to and resolving issues faster.


Low annual pricing on our Chrome extension allows you to reach ROI within just an hour or two of use.


Volume licensing will be available for enterprise customers shortly; please contact us for further details.

Limited Time Pricing

Make a one-time payment and own it for life, with all of the latest updates to documentation, AWS, Ansible, and Terraform resources.

Don’t wait, pricing will go up.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.