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Are you looking for a new website? Clouductivity would love to help build your site or design your Shopify store. We’ll even write your site’s content, a few blog posts, or set up your search engine optimization. We specialize in small businesses and cementing their presence on the web, but can handle any size job.

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WordPress Back-End

We build our websites in WordPress so it’s easy for you to manage once we’re done. Since WordPress is very user-friendly, we’ve found our clients have the most success using and learning it. 


In addition to building WordPress sites, we’re also able to build ecommerce sites on Shopify. If you’re looking to start an online store but don’t know how to handle the front-end, we’re here for you.

Custom Code

Worried WordPress sites just end up looking the same? Guess again! We have years of experience in front-end website development and can create custom code to make your site unique. 

Reasonable Prices

We love working with small businesses. We understand finances can be a little tight when you’re getting up and running, so we don’t charge a fortune for website development. 


As we all know, content is king. This is especially true nowadays, with Google ranking websites on their content. Gone are the days of keyword stacking! Luckily, we have a fantastic content writer on our team.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sadly, SEO can often be an afterthought – but what’s web development without the best possible content and SEO to get your site to rank highly on Google? Let us help fix your SEO issues. 


Want to see our work in website development? Check below for sites we’ve built.

Mico Motorsports

We handled website development for a local Subaru engine builder. We started from a theme and edited it for design and CSS / PHP customization, and also handled site content, SEO, a blog post, custom contact forms, AWS infrastructure, and more.

Mico Motorsports Parts Store

A Shopify store we designed for Mico Motorsports. We created a ton of custom CSS / JavaScript / HTML to get the store looking as good as it does. We also created custom search parameters.